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We match singles based on age, background, professional level, hobbies and interests. Throwing eight strangers together makes for some interesting stories. Each dinner party takes on a life of its own and net result is always a great evening out. We help jump start your dating life!


Singles Social Dinners | Eight at Eight Dinner Club

At Eight at Eight Dinner Club, we expertly bring singles together through curated social dinners that spark meaningful conversations and connections. Our matching process is thoughtful, using interests and personality traits to create the perfect dinner atmosphere. Picture enjoying themed dinners like Italian nights or French soirées, where laughter flows easily. It’s ideal for professionals looking to expand their social circle in an intimate, engaging setting. Members appreciate the chance to forge new friendships and possibly find romance in a warm, welcoming environment. Curious about how our dinners can make your social life richer? Find out more!


How It Works

At Singles Social Dinners, we bring together like-minded individuals for an evening of great food and even better conversation. Our process is simple yet thoughtful, ensuring that each of us finds the perfect dining companions. The magic begins with our unique matching process. We take into account your interests, preferences, and personality traits. This way, we can create groups where everyone feels comfortable and connections can flourish naturally.

Once we have our groups, we move on to crafting the perfect evening with carefully curated dinner themes. Whether it’s a cozy Italian night, a sophisticated French soirée, or an adventurous sushi experience, each dinner theme is designed to spark conversation and create a memorable night. We believe that the right atmosphere can bring out the best in people, making it easier to open up and connect on a deeper level.

Benefits of Social Dinners

Not only do our curated dinner themes set the stage for meaningful interactions, but the benefits of participating in social dinners extend far beyond the evening itself. Gathering around the table with a group of likeminded singles offers a unique opportunity to foster genuine connections. Through these shared meals, we open the door to new friendships that might never have blossomed otherwise.

Imagine sitting down to a delightful meal, surrounded by people who are equally eager to connect. This isn’t just any dinner; it’s a chance to expand our social circles in a relaxed, welcoming environment. The magic happens when we share stories, laugh together, and truly engage with one another. These moments create lasting bonds that enrich our personal and social lives.

Furthermore, these dinners provide excellent networking opportunities. Whether we’re looking to meet someone with similar interests or hoping to expand our professional network, the environment is ripe for meaningful exchanges. We can discover new passions, explore potential collaborations, and even find mentors or mentees within our group.

In essence, social dinners are more than just a meal; they’re a catalyst for building a richer, more connected life.

Who Should Join

Singles Social Dinners are perfect for anyone looking to forge new connections, whether you’re a social butterfly or someone stepping out of their comfort zone. Our target audience includes individuals who are genuinely interested in meeting new people in a relaxed, intimate setting. We welcome professionals from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal: to enjoy great food and even better company.

The membership criteria are straightforward. We seek individuals who are respectful, open-minded, and committed to the art of conversation. It’s not just about finding a date; it’s about building meaningful connections that could lead to lasting friendships or even romance. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to meet someone special, and our dinners provide the perfect backdrop for these moments to unfold.

Whether you’re navigating the dating scene for the first time or you’ve been single for a while, our dinners offer a welcoming environment. We’re all here to share stories, laughs, and maybe even a few secrets over a delicious meal. So, if you’re ready to expand your social circle and experience something new, our Singles Social Dinners are exactly where you need to be.

What to Expect

As you join us for a Singles Social Dinner, expect an evening filled with engaging conversations, delightful cuisine, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. From the moment you walk in, you’ll notice our carefully curated atmosphere setting, designed to make everyone feel at ease. The lighting is soft, the tables elegantly set, and the ambiance inviting, perfect for sparking connections.

We understand that starting conversations with new people can be daunting, so we’ve prepared conversation starters to help break the ice. These topics are thoughtfully chosen to encourage meaningful dialogue and ensure that everyone gets to share a bit of their story. Whether you’re chatting about your favorite travel destinations, recent reads, or culinary preferences, you’ll find the discussions flow naturally.

Throughout the evening, our attentive hosts will ensure that everyone feels comfortable and included. We’ve structured the dinner so that you’ll get the chance to speak with everyone at the table, creating opportunities for deeper connections. The exquisite dishes, paired with excellent wine, only add to the enjoyment of the night.


8at8 Success Rate

We’ve produced over 400 marriages. But, in addition to that, weve introduced lots of people who went on to build lasting friendships, business partnerships, and created new networks for singles. And we have no way of tracking how many long-term relationships and marriages have arisen from those.

Success Stories

We’ve witnessed countless success stories unfold at our Singles Social Dinners, where meaningful connections turn into lasting relationships. Each dinner is a unique chapter, filled with the promise of new beginnings and the thrill of potential romance. We see strangers arrive with a mix of excitement and nerves, and leave with the spark of something special.

One memorable evening, two attendees who had both almost canceled at the last minute found themselves seated next to each other. What started as a casual conversation over appetizers blossomed into an unexpected romance that neither saw coming. They’ve now been together for over a year, proving that lasting connections can indeed be found when you least expect them.

Another couple met during a lively discussion about their favorite books. Their shared passion ignited a bond that quickly grew stronger. Today, they’re happily engaged, planning a future filled with shared adventures and deep understanding.

Our dinners create an ambiance where genuine connections can flourish. It’s in these moments of laughter, shared stories, and mutual discovery that real relationships begin. We’re honored to be part of so many journeys where initial meetings at dinner tables turn into lifelong partnerships.

Tips for First-Timers

Navigating your first Singles Social Dinner can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but with a few simple tips, you’ll be ready to make the most of the experience. First, let’s talk about dress code. We all want to make a great first impression, so aim for smart casual attire. Think of something that makes you feel confident and comfortable but also shows you’ve put in some effort. A polished look can go a long way in boosting your self-esteem and attracting positive attention.

Now, let’s move on to conversation starters. Ice breaker questions are your best friends here. Ask open-ended questions like, “What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled to?” or “What do you enjoy doing in your free time?” These types of questions not only ease the initial awkwardness but also help you get to know your fellow diners on a deeper level. Remember, everyone is there for the same reason—to connect—so don’t be afraid to share a bit about yourself too.

Lastly, stay present. Put away your phone and engage fully with those around you. Genuine interest and eye contact can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Signing Up

Signing up for a Singles Social Dinner is a straightforward process that ensures you’re all set for a night of enjoyable connections. First, we’ll need to create a profile on the Eight at Eight Dinner Club website. This profile helps us match you with other members who share similar interests and values, setting the stage for meaningful conversations.

Once our profile is complete, we review the member requirements. These typically include being single, over a certain age, and committed to attending the dinners we sign up for. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and ready to make genuine connections.

Next, we’ll choose the dinner event that fits our schedule. The club offers a variety of dates and locations to make it convenient for us. After selecting our preferred dinner, we move to the payment options. The club offers several secure payment methods, including credit card and online payment systems, making it easy to finalize our reservation.

After signing up, we’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details we need for the dinner. Now, all that’s left is to mark our calendars and anticipate a night of great food and even better company.

Will I be seated with the same people more than once?

Part of our sales pitch is that, “You’ll never be reseated with the same person of the opposite gender.”

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