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We match singles based on age, background, professional level, hobbies and interests. Throwing eight strangers together makes for some interesting stories. Each dinner party takes on a life of its own and net result is always a great evening out. We help jump start your dating life!


Singles Group Activities | Eight at Eight Dinner Club

At Eight at Eight Dinner Club, we bring together singles through carefully curated dinner parties, creating opportunities for genuine connections. We match participants using a detailed questionnaire, focusing on common values and aspirations. Our group dining experiences allow for natural conversations in a relaxed setting, fostering lasting memories and relationships. We choose diverse restaurants with intimate ambiance to enhance the experience. With numerous success stories, we’ve seen how shared meals can spark meaningful relationships. Joining is straightforward – simply fill out an application on our website. To get the most out of your first dinner, come prepared to share and listen. Discover more about how our unique approach works.


How Eight at Eight Works

Eight at Eight operates by organizing dinner parties where eight singles meet and mingle over a meal, creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment to form genuine connections. We understand that meeting the right person can be a challenge, so we use thoughtful matching criteria to ensure the best possible experience. Our process starts with getting to know each participant through a detailed questionnaire, covering interests, lifestyle, and relationship goals. This allows us to match individuals who share common values and aspirations, fostering a natural and meaningful interaction.

Once we’ve paired the group, we carefully plan the seating arrangements to maximize comfort and conversation flow. Each dinner party is set up so that everyone has a chance to engage with each other, minimizing awkward silences or forced interactions. We place particular emphasis on creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere, making sure that everyone feels included and appreciated.

Our empathetic approach recognizes the importance of genuine compatibility, and by focusing on these matching criteria and thoughtful seating arrangements, we create an intimate space where real connections can blossom. It’s about more than just a meal; it’s about creating the perfect setting for love to spark.

Benefits of Group Dining

By coming together for a shared meal, participants can enjoy the many benefits of group dining, which extend beyond simply meeting new people. One of the most profound advantages is the opportunity for social bonding. When we sit around a table, the act of sharing food cultivates a sense of intimacy and camaraderie. It’s in these moments that genuine connections are forged, and friendships begin to blossom.

Group dining also offers natural conversation starters that can ease the initial awkwardness of meeting someone new. Discussing the flavors of the dishes, the ambiance of the restaurant, or even sharing a memorable dining experience can make conversations flow effortlessly. This setting allows us to see each other in a relaxed, authentic light, making it easier to open up and share.

Moreover, these meals offer a unique space to learn from one another. By engaging with diverse individuals, we broaden our perspectives and enrich our understanding of the world. The laughter, stories, and shared experiences at the dinner table create lasting memories, making these gatherings much more than just a meal. They become the foundation for meaningful, enduring relationships.

Types of Restaurants

When choosing a restaurant for our singles group activities, we should consider a variety of dining establishments to suit different tastes and preferences. Exploring ethnic cuisines is not only a delightful culinary adventure but also a unique way to connect over shared experiences. Whether we’re savoring the rich spices of Indian food, enjoying the delicate flavors of Japanese sushi, or indulging in the hearty, rustic dishes of Italian cuisine, each meal can be a journey that brings us closer together.

The ambiance is just as crucial as the menu. We might opt for a cozy, candle-lit bistro to foster intimate conversations, or a vibrant, bustling diner that energizes the group with its lively atmosphere. Sometimes, a chic, modern restaurant with sleek decor sets the perfect tone for an evening of sophisticated mingling. On other occasions, a rustic, homey eatery might provide the warmth and comfort needed for deeper connections.

Success Stories

Through our singles group activities, we’ve witnessed numerous success stories that highlight the power of shared experiences in fostering meaningful connections. The magic often begins over a simple dinner, where eight individuals come together, each with their own story, and sometimes, a spark ignites. These moments are not just fleeting; they lay the foundation for relationships built on genuine understanding and shared joys.

One couple, Sarah and Mark, shared their personal testimonial with us. They met during a themed dinner night and quickly realized they had much in common. From their mutual love of travel to their passion for cooking, their bond grew organically. They described their journey as a fairy tale, culminating in a happy ending with their beautiful wedding last spring.

Another heartwarming story is of Jane and Kevin, who felt an instant connection during their first Eight at Eight dinner. Their testimonial revealed how they found comfort and joy in each other’s company, leading to a relationship that’s now three years strong.

These success stories remind us that real connections are possible, and sometimes, all it takes is sharing a meal with strangers who might just become your future.


8at8 Success Rate

We’ve produced over 400 marriages. But, in addition to that, weve introduced lots of people who went on to build lasting friendships, business partnerships, and created new networks for singles. And we have no way of tracking how many long-term relationships and marriages have arisen from those.

How to Join

Joining our singles group is a straightforward process designed to help you easily become part of a community where meaningful connections flourish. First, simply visit our website and fill out a brief application form. We understand that your time is precious, so we’ve streamlined the joining process to ensure it’s quick and easy.

Once your application is submitted, our team reviews it to ensure a good fit. This step is crucial because we want to create a balanced and engaging environment for everyone involved. After approval, we’ll send you information about our membership fees. Our goal is to keep these fees reasonable while covering the costs of organizing high-quality events.

After you’ve reviewed and agreed to the membership fees, you’ll receive a welcome packet that includes details about upcoming dinners and events. This packet is your passport to a new world of engaging conversations, delicious meals, and the possibility of meeting someone special. We’re committed to making this journey as smooth as possible, and our team is always here to support you.

Joining Eight at Eight Dinner Club means you’re taking a step toward a richer social life filled with opportunities to connect deeply with like-minded individuals.

Tips for Your First Dinner

Attending your first dinner with the singles group can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking, but we’ve got some tips to help you make the most of it. First, let’s talk attire suggestions. Opt for something that makes you feel confident yet comfortable. Think smart-casual: a nice dress or a pair of well-fitted trousers and a stylish top. Remember, it’s about making a good impression while staying true to yourself.

As for conversation starters, having a few in your back pocket can ease those first-time jitters. Asking open-ended questions like, “What’s the most interesting place you’ve traveled to?” or “What do you love about your job?” can spark engaging discussions. Sharing a bit about ourselves, like a funny anecdote or a recent hobby we’ve picked up, can also break the ice.

We understand the desire for genuine connections, so listen actively and respond thoughtfully. This creates a warm, inviting atmosphere where everyone feels valued. Lastly, relax and enjoy the evening. We’re all here for the same reason—to connect, share, and maybe even find a special spark. Let’s make this first dinner unforgettable!

Will I be seated with the same people more than once?

Part of our sales pitch is that, “You’ll never be reseated with the same person of the opposite gender.”

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