Atlanta Date Night Restaurants

Dine with ambiance in these top-rated Atlanta restaurants with your group dinner date.


Aria is a romantic, luxurious restaurant tucked away in the heart of Buckhead. The five-star service provided by its staff is sure to wow your date and the delectable entrees will trigger swoons! Aria’s dim lighting and warm color palette pair perfectly, making an ideal setting for you to whisper sweet nothings in your date’s ear all night long!


Not sure where to go? Canoe is always a good idea! The menu has something for everyone’s taste and the wait staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Not only does Canoe have great food and service, but the scenery is beautiful as well. Want to keep talking to your date after dinner? Take a stroll along the stone path behind the restaurant and gaze upon the gorgeous landscape. There’s one more thing that makes this an excellent date restaurant: mouthwash. That’s right. You can have fish or onions and not worry about bad breath when you go in for the good night kiss. There’s mouthwash in the restroom!


This one is for the seafood lovers. With such a creative menu, you and your date will have fun just figuring out what you want to eat. The sensual setting and delicious food will leave your chance at another date looking rather optimistic.

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